The company Miquel Riera Construcciones performs rehabilitations of listed buildings in the old town of Palma de Mallorca. These constructions are difficult to implement because of its complexity and require a multidisciplinary work and subsequent reconstruction in phases and on different levels, restructuring the building to its new use. It is a particular challenge to restore these buildings in compliance with applicable construction regulations, while respecting archaeological aspects and the protection of cultural heritage.

The various complexities affecting a building of these characteristics and its construction require a detailed and comprehensive study in advance of the construction. Considering the currently applicable construction regulations and utilizing technically advanced materials we adapt the building to its usage needs. We examine the energy efficiency and improve the thermal and acoustic insulation. Through measures that serve the convenience, sustainability and beauty of these buildings, we contribute to the preservation of our cultural heritage. Our projects include rehabilitations of historic buildings, current headquarters, private old buildings and official buildings. While implementing our work, we use the highest quality products from leading vendors in each phase of the performance and use the latest technology. In this way we achieve a symbiosis between technology, aesthetics and economy.