The construction of residential houses requires special attention. Our customers put their full confidence in us, as we manage the whole project from start to finish. The quality materials and the personalized service we offer make our company Miquel Riera Construcciones a benchmark in our area. We build both single-family houses and multi-family houses. Our philosophy has always been to provide a close, personal and professional service to all our customers, maintaining high quality and highly competitive prices.

In these times it is very important to take a good choice and therefore our team of professionals will advise you well on your project to make sure you receive a quality residential house in line with your cost estimation. We cover all phases of your project from the inception until the delivery of keys. We have qualified personnel for the planning, design and execution of the construction as well as for the legal advice in terms of current regulations.

We rehabilitate completely or partially any type of building or house. We study in detail the situation of the building and we value its status. In order to avoid any unexpected surprises, we check each one of the key points of construction. Finally, we execute the construction works taking care of all the details until its conclusion. Doing so, we always guarantee the quality of our work. This is our trademark.